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Sectorwise Projects > Environment & Forests

Our working priorities includes development of innovative ways to achieve sustainable use of natural resources and develop educational and extension programs implementing the best management practices to enhance environmental, social, and economic benefits. Our Environmental Services are :

  • To create environmental awareness about water and energy conservation and encouraging the use of non-conventional energy sources in the communities by conducting widespread environmental education and training programmes through a very vast network.

  • To work in the rural areas to study local natural resources and to find ways and means to protect them and thereby help to maintain the balance of the local ecosystem for self reliance.

  • To promote environmental protection, renewable energy and ecological conservation and pollution control activities.

  • To work in the field of research & development for pollution control, forest & wildlife conservation, land and water use & promotion of an appropriate technologies & policies for sustainable environment.

  • To work in the sector of solid waste management in order to improve the ways and means of garbage collection through awareness campaigns & to educate the people about the importance of segregation of waste into biodegradable and recyclable waste.

  • To create healthy environment & preserve cultural and natural heritage of india by spreading literacy and other community based work.

  • To conduct field research projects for wildlife related problems, movement and population structure of indian flora & fauna and to recommend management plans for its conservation.